Campervan, Caravan or Tent?

Everyone goes camping for different reasons and  the important thing is choose which vehicle use between tent, caravan and campervan. Today I will start to talk about the first.

TENT: fabric may be made of many materials including cotton, nylon, felt and polyester. Using a tent is a great way of really feeling truly outside but being able to keep well sheltered. You can really hear the rain, feel the heat of the sun and the power of the wind. There are different types of tents according to your needs and your budget. If you are a backpacker, the best choice will be a small tent, fast and easy to assemble but if you have a large family, it’s important to possess a a spacious tent including living areas and bedrooms. Now we see some types of tents: 

A FRAME TENTS: This is a classic style of tent with a shape and a triangular support. They are lightweight and can be so close. The design is based on a pole frame forming two apex’s connected between a central ridgepole.



CABIN TENTS: These tents are usually heavier than other designs and more difficult to set up but do provide a lot of space. Thanks to their size and weight, these tents are best used for car camping, providing space and facilities for large groups and families.


DOME TENTS: They are assembled with two poles which form an X on the top, the ground area consists of either a large square or hexagonal area. The Dome design provides good stability and will handle the snow better than the other designs.



HOOP TENTS: These tents have curved poles at each end and to retain their shape and stability need have the guy ropes tied and the pegs staked carefully. The shape allows snow and water to flow down off the walls yet the unsupported fabric flaps in the wind if not properly staked out.


TUNNEL TENTS: A Tunnel style tent is a popular type of shelter for car, family and recreational camping.They offer plenty of room like the cabin style because the poles arch from one side to the other creating a kind of semi-circle with plenty of head room.The larger models can provide convenient space for living and sleeping quarters or separate rooms.





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